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  • 22 March 2017
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To understand what are the filters and the containers mostly used we introduce you the equipment for the sack filtering and the cartridge filtering.

The sack filters are the most suitable in the first phase of filtering where they are present great solid substances to eliminate. The filters to cartridge are used in the other phases where it is required a great degree of filtering and also a certain degree of sterilization.

It’s important to remember that more a filter is used, more its capacity decreases as the impurities saturate on the filter itself. The same applies to the performance, the more the filter is clogged, the less its performance.




Sack filtration is the oldest but always current system with the filter placed inside electropolished steel bells and in AISI 316L steel.

The containers may have V-clamp closure or Rathmann-type tipping clamps and microfusion lid with hinge and handle.

They comply with Directive 2014/68/UE. They can also be equipped with adjustable legs and they are suitable for pressures up to 8-10 bar depending on version and size.

The filters are made of felt or grid and are equipped with handles to facilitate their extraction. They are available in different materials depending on the degree of filtration required and they are all FDA approved.




The cartridge filtration is the most used filtration system in the clarification and reduction process of bacterial charge in aqueous solutions such as must or wine. The cartridges can be made of polypropylene or borosilicate microfibers supported by an upstream polypropylene net and a non-woven polypropylene fabric downstream. They are available in different degrees of filtering and all the cartridges are built with material FDA approved. As for the sack filtering the filters are placed in containers internally electropolished and built in AISI 316L steel. The closing are V-clamp type or with Rathmann-type tipping clamps. They are available in different models that can contain from 1 up to 30 filters and they are fit for pressures up to 8-10-16 bar according to the ransom.