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Vane pumps

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Vane pumps widespread in the industrial sector where they are required: high performances, maximum pressure up to 18 bar and a maximum flow rate up to 1.000 lt/h. Self­priming vane pumps can be used for handling chemical mixtures, for reverse osmosis, for water filtration and beverage distributors. They also find application in cooling circuits for medical lasers, for laboratory systems, for TIG welding machine or for beer cooling, steam cleaning machines, water or perfumes nebulizing plants, liquid LPG decanting, systems for car washing, water filtration and carbonation, post­mix, detergents transfer and spraying of agricultural products or pesticides.

The body of the pumps can be made of brass or stainless steel. The vane pumps can be completed with normal by­pass valves, balanced ones or without valves. The standard pump kit consists of gaskets and mechanical seals in NBR, different kits are available in EPDM, and Viton. The motor connection can be via an elastic metal strip or, in the flanged models, with screws.

Different flow rates are available.

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