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Components for the transformation of pneumatic energy into mechanical energy

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  • Standard actuators
  • Non-standard actuator
  • Rotary actuators
  • Rodless actuators
  • Air oil actuators
  • Handling systems

ISO 15552 actuators

Pneumatic actuators compliant with ISO 15552 standard

CETOP/CNOMO actuators

Pneumatic actuators compliant with CETOP and CNOMO standards

ISO MICROCIL actuators

Pneumatic actuators compliant with ISO 6432 standard

UNITOP ISO short stroke actuators

Pneumatic short stroke actuators compliant with ISO/UNITOP standard

Short stroke cylinders

Non-standardised short stroke pneumatic cylinders

Threaded cylinders

Non-standardised pneumatic actuator with thread for hidde

Pneumatic muscles

Non-standardised pneumatic actuator whose movement is made possible by the contraction and with extension of a flexible membrane

Bellows cylinders

Actuator without fixed structure whose motion is given by an inflation of the body which determines a pushing motion

Rotary cam actuators

Rotary cylinders with cam-action

Rack and pinion rotary actuators

Rotary cylinders with rack and pinion movement

Rodless actuators with straps

Rodless actuators held with straps and possibility of integrated guides

Magnetic rodless actuators

Rodless cylinders with movement throungh magnetic coupling

Hydro-pneumatic units

Hydro-pneumatic units, with or without approach, to increase pressure through air/oil multiplication

Air-oil multipliers

Air/oil pressure multipliers

Hydraulic regulators of speed

Hydraulic approach controls to pair oflinear movement

Pneumatic pincers

Angular or parallel pinching systems, with simple or double effect for special movements

Pneumatic vises

Parallel vises

Clamp cylinders

Controlled lock systems for equipment