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IMM63A -P150

Sacemi electropump with submerged for refrigerant and suction of 150 mm.

Availability 1 PIECE

Welded cylinder

Standard cylinders

Standard cylinders to double effect available in different measures of stem, bore, stroke and rate.

Availability 4 PIECES

Orbital engine


475cc orbital engine with 25mm cylindrical shaft.

Availability 1 piece

Multi-stage pump


Calpeda multi-stage pump Horizontal multi-stage pump with single unit in chrome-nickel stainless steel suitable for water or clean liquids

Availability 1 piece

Vertical multistage pump


Movitec VF 45-4-1 Pump. Vertical multistage pump in AISI 304 stainless steel powered by long shaft motor with 4+1 stages

Availability 1 pezzo

Mini hydraulic power pack


Mini hydraulic power pack MC4UH-V1B-RO-PN-MNO-TP05-F2. Mini power pack hydrapp, motor size 90, three-phase 1.1 kW

Availability 1 piece

Compact planetary reducer


Compact planetary reducer for mechanical transmission common field of application being mobile machinery for the lifting sectors

Availability 1 piece