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  • 28 June 2017
  • News

In the previous news we have seen how a compressed air system is composed; now we see how it can be enriched and made more functional through the accessories.


The hose reels

Positioned next to the workstations, the hose reels allow to extend the race of the compressed air from the distribution network to the user without the need to implement rigid piping.

There are different models that can be used depending on your needs, being employable both at industrial home level.

The hose reels, with orientable support and with box in steel with epoxy covering have different sizes depending to the length of the pipe used that which can change from 3 meters to 5 meters, always introducing 1 meter of pipe in entry. The pipe can be made in rubber, in polyurethane, in polyurethane with polyester base or in PU/PVC, it is also possible to lock it through a stop notch. The maximum operating pressure is recorded at 12 bar and for some models it is possible a checked return. There are then the versions with box in stainless steel AISI 304 and polyurethane pipe from 5 meters to 12 meters.


The spirals

The spirals can be used alone or connected to the hose reels. They are made in polyurethane and the pipe can change in terms of internal/external diameter, diameter of the spires, maximum length and therefore minimum length.

They can operate at temperatures ranging from -15° C to +70° C and they record a maximum operating pressure of 8 bar.

They can finally be linked in different ways.


The guns

The guns are the last element of the plant and the first one with which the user comes into contact.

There are different types of guns depending on the use:

  • The blowing guns can have a metal nozzle, OSHA metal nozzle or composite polyamide OSHA nozzle. They work up to a maximum pressure of 12 bar and at a temperature between -15° C and + 70° C. The sound level at 6 bar (dBA) can be change from 85 to 89.
  • The inflating guns can be with handle or keys and they have an ergonomic shock and an elastomeric coating.
  • The paint guns are divided into suction guns, suction for technical work, suction for industrial work, gravity, gravity for technical work, for bodywork, painting and decoration works and water-based spray guns.
  • The washing guns are used for pickling and cleaning in the automotive industry and in the industrial sector in general. They are divided into spray guns and sandblasting guns.


Do you want to see with hand the product? You can go in our stores of Belluno and Feltre to see the available material.